Daddy’s Stache of Candies

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Father’s Day always seem to creep up on my calendar when I least expect it.  Perhaps its because there’s usually so much happening in June already with end of school year and all.  I found this cute idea off pinterest and thought it would be a perfect little present for the students to make for their dads for Father’s day.  Usually, we would do a writing composition of some sort but with all the strike action currently going on, it’s been pretty hard to find time to get anything done.  I loved the simplicity and quirkiness of this gift, definitely all Dads (and candy addict Moms) would appreciate.  😉


Norman Rockwell’s “The Connoisseur”

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This was another fun art project that the kids got really excited about especially when I told them they would be the star of their art. 😉  Inspired by Norman Rockwell’s The Connoisseur, we created our own versions of the painting but with felt, crayons and construction paper.   I told the students to create the most wackiest drawing they could imagine…oh, they definitely had a blast doing that.  The final product turned out so well!  They all look so adorable with their cute little poses. 🙂

Inspired by Claes Oldenburg

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I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy cravings kicking in or the fact that we just learned about taste buds in our human body unit in class, but burgers were definitely on my mind.  It’s no wonder I decided to introduce Claes Oldenburg’s famous art work to the students in my class…especially, his famous floor burger.  Hence, the making of our big and juicy burger pop art began!  =)  The kids absolutely loved building their gigantic burgers and were super creative with what they wanted to add to it.  They suggested different kinds of cheese (swiss, cheddar, provolone), vegetables and even sauces like mayonnaise and triple o’ sauce (you’d know what that is if you’ve ever been to white spot).  I think my little hamburger helpers did a fantastic job, don’t you?  Thanks for reading. =)