It appears that not only do I love using mustard in my cooking, but I find the colour especially fitting to wear for Fall as well.  I paired it with my new pair of coated green denim (which I am loving at the moment) and my burgundy longchamp tote.  Funny enough, I just realized I wore the three main hot dog condiment colors: mustard, ketchup and relish.  =) What can I say?  I love Fall colours!



Sometimes you just want to put on a cute pair of sneakers and go casual for the day.  Comfort equals happiness. Have a lovely day! =)

Currently Craving: summer shorts

summer shorts




I have a love hate relationship with shorts.  It isn’t even about the shaving part (I don’t have much hair on my legs – thank you mom!) or the fact that I always seem to have a huge bruise somewhere on my legs.  Yep, I bruise easily like a georgia peach…  I don’t know what it is but these bright colored/patterned shorts makes me want to put one on and head straight to the beach!  Wear it with a light blue denim shirt or a neutral silk chiffon top!  These are truly a necessity in the heat wave we’re currently experiencing right now in Vancouver – not complaining though, I love being outside. 😉  Which pair of shorts is your favourite?