Soft Hues

IMG_9091IMG_9084IMG_9089IMG_9096IMG_9092This sweater is by far one of my favourite transition pieces to wear into Fall.  Not only is it easy to wear, but the soft and silky silhouette underneath the sweater adds a subtle touch of elegance, while keeping it casual with the gold flats.  Have a splendid day. =)

One Maxi Dress – 5 Looks

5 look 1 maxi finalIMG_9058IMG_9081IMG_9025IMG_8990IMG_8974

Technically, I lied…its really 6 looks because I wore it here too.  This is just a small indication of how versatile a black maxi dress can really be.  I always bring at least one when I go travelling.  Its comfy enough to wear on the plane and its easy to transition into a dressier look by simply throwing on some eye-catching accessories.


IMG_8959IMG_8945IMG_8920IMG_8948IMG_8922IMG_8960 I am currently obsessed with my new camo jeans!  There are so many different ways to wear them, I can’t wait to style them into different looks!  You’ll be sure to see these jeans again soon.  Have a nice day!