Cozy and Casual


Happy Friday!  I’m so excited for thanksgiving long weekend…dinners!  I think I better wear my stretchy pants for the big feast!  😉  Have a safe and thankful weekend!! =)

Zebra Stripes


I’m not surprised that I was drawn to this zebra print blouse.  Zebra stripes exude a certain finesse and makes a statement without being overly loud.  I went for a chic and sleek look by wearing my zebra print blouse with a light pink blazer, coated denim, studded heels and a flash of silver from my clutch.



It appears that not only do I love using mustard in my cooking, but I find the colour especially fitting to wear for Fall as well.  I paired it with my new pair of coated green denim (which I am loving at the moment) and my burgundy longchamp tote.  Funny enough, I just realized I wore the three main hot dog condiment colors: mustard, ketchup and relish.  =) What can I say?  I love Fall colours!