One Maxi Dress – 5 Looks

5 look 1 maxi finalIMG_9058IMG_9081IMG_9025IMG_8990IMG_8974

Technically, I lied…its really 6 looks because I wore it here too.  This is just a small indication of how versatile a black maxi dress can really be.  I always bring at least one when I go travelling.  Its comfy enough to wear on the plane and its easy to transition into a dressier look by simply throwing on some eye-catching accessories.

‘Maxi’mize Fuschia


I saw this flowy fuschia maxi skirt while shopping in York and I just had to have it.  York is so beautiful and quaint.  We stayed at a bed and breakfast for the first time and we loved it.  I can’t wait to share more pictures with you all.  Have a great day!

Crazy for Coral – 3 ways



IMG_4811IMG_4818IMG_4812Oh Coral!  The universally flattering color.  It adds a little pizzazz in your outfit and catches everyone’s attention as you walk by.  Whether its a pair of pants, blazer or full on maxi dress, coral always brings life to my outfit.  Coral’s best color friends are navy, light brown, beige, gold and even yellow. 😉  Hope this inspires you to go coral this summer!