DIY – accessories organizer





If you’re an accessories fan, I bet you have tons of these boxes lying around.  You probably don’t want to throw it in the garbage because they could come in handy one day – maybe you’ll need a little box to put a necklace you bought for a friend or use it to store little stationary items?  That’s been my constant mantra every time I hold them right above the trash can, ready to toss, only to put them back to where I found them.  Alas, I finally figured out a use for them…accessory compartments!  I have an overload of accessories and trust me – it can get messy sometimes if I don’t put them back in their proper places.  So my DIY project really kept the accessories untangled and also made it so much easier to see what I already had.  I have a problem with buying similar things over and over again….probably due to the fact that I don’t remember what I already have!  Well, this won’t be a problem anymore!

*By the way, if you have extra time and want to make them look super fancy, try spray painting the boxes all one color and then buying some silk fabric to put in each one of the boxes.  It would look like you own a jewelry store every time you decide what you want to wear.  How fun!