DIY – Sunglasses Display

I think I am addicted to pinterest.  There’s just so many great ideas out there with endless possibilities.  The real problem is making time to put those creative ideas to life.  Hence, the diy projects that I usually select need to be of three things:  1) Is it Useful? 2) Do I have most of the equipment or tools? 3) Is it relatively easy to make?  This sunglasses holder met all three requirements so I got right down to work.



Here is what you will need:

A frame

Paint & brush (optional – I painted mine white)

steel wire

screw eyes

wire cutter


I bought this vintage frame for $10.  I loved the detailing of the frame but not so much the color so went out and bought some paint

IMG_8235Always make sure you check the edges whenever you buy frames.  Damaged corners are sometimes covered by cardboard protectors so always request to see the corners before purchasing.

IMG_8237I have lots of paint but because this was a small project, I decided to just go buy a small bottle of Martha Stewart’s craft paint.  I used the glossy white finish.  I wanted the frame to blend in to the wall so that the sunglasses would really pop.  I applied about 3 coats.

IMG_8403After allowing the paint to dry, I measured where I wanted the sunglasses to hang and applied the screw eyes to the right spot.

IMG_8405Stretch the steel wire as much as you can and secure it on both ends via the screw eyes.

IMG_8415Hang sunglasses et Voila! IMG_8416No more sunglasses clutter on my nightstand.

DIY – Silver polka dot framed art & silver table

I have been recently encouraged to share my diy projects and home decor looks on my blog.  So here is the start to a new category- DECOR!  If there is something that I love more than fashion and food, it would be home decor.  The excitement of buying a new piece of furniture or accent and then going home and rearranging my entire living space just to make that piece stand out brings me such joy.  Ofcourse, this incessant need to constantly change the look of our space drives my husband a bit up the wall at times, but he always trust my taste and loves whatever I create. 😉

My first decor post will actually be 2 diys for 1 look.  It all started when my husband “accidently” knocked over our scented diffuser and spilled the liquid all over our half moon table.  As we hurried to clean it up, we noticed that the liquid was rapidly eating away at the color of the wood.  He felt so bad that he told me we could go out and buy a new one but I had a better idea…



I decided to spray paint it silver!!


Yes, that is me in the bright pink.  Keeping it chic while I’m spray painting. haha.

Now that I changed the color of my table, I felt the need to compliment it with some accents (naturally, ofcourse).  I found this on pinterest and thought it would look fabulous with the newly improved table. 😉




I used a circle puncher to get those perfect little circles.


I bought both the silver glitter card stock and the plain silver card stock from Michaels.

IMG_8210Arrange the circles the way I like it.

IMG_8218 (3)

Added a few accent pieces

IMG_8228 (3)

and voila!

I hope this inspires you to re-purpose old furniture rather than throwing it out. It could turn out to be something more beautiful than you had it before. 😉  As for my hubby, I totally forgave him. =P

DIY – accessories organizer





If you’re an accessories fan, I bet you have tons of these boxes lying around.  You probably don’t want to throw it in the garbage because they could come in handy one day – maybe you’ll need a little box to put a necklace you bought for a friend or use it to store little stationary items?  That’s been my constant mantra every time I hold them right above the trash can, ready to toss, only to put them back to where I found them.  Alas, I finally figured out a use for them…accessory compartments!  I have an overload of accessories and trust me – it can get messy sometimes if I don’t put them back in their proper places.  So my DIY project really kept the accessories untangled and also made it so much easier to see what I already had.  I have a problem with buying similar things over and over again….probably due to the fact that I don’t remember what I already have!  Well, this won’t be a problem anymore!

*By the way, if you have extra time and want to make them look super fancy, try spray painting the boxes all one color and then buying some silk fabric to put in each one of the boxes.  It would look like you own a jewelry store every time you decide what you want to wear.  How fun!