Inspired by Claes Oldenburg

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I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy cravings kicking in or the fact that we just learned about taste buds in our human body unit in class, but burgers were definitely on my mind.  It’s no wonder I decided to introduce Claes Oldenburg’s famous art work to the students in my class…especially, his famous floor burger.  Hence, the making of our big and juicy burger pop art began!  =)  The kids absolutely loved building their gigantic burgers and were super creative with what they wanted to add to it.  They suggested different kinds of cheese (swiss, cheddar, provolone), vegetables and even sauces like mayonnaise and triple o’ sauce (you’d know what that is if you’ve ever been to white spot).  I think my little hamburger helpers did a fantastic job, don’t you?  Thanks for reading. =)

Read to a Puppy


One of my favourite things in the classroom is our ‘Read to a Puppy’ corner.  I teach a split K/1 class and when I saw this on pinterest, I just knew my students would be all over this if I brought it into the classroom.  You’re probably thinking, how the heck did you find so many different stuffed doggies?!  Well, I’ve been collecting stuffy animals since I was a little kid and most of these puppies I grabbed from my storage.  More than half of them were brand new with tags still attached to them.  As for the rest of the puppies, I just bought them at the dollar store.

I’ll never forget how I introduced the puppies to the kids.  I had all the kids at the carpet and told them I had a surprise for them.  When I unleashed the bag full of puppies, their jaws dropped and their faces were just full of excitement!  I told them that they were all puppies and did not know how to read yet, but are eager to learn and that their job was to be their trainer/teacher.  The students did not only read to the puppies but they enjoyed learning new words so that they could teach their puppy more words!  The fact that some of them still come up to me at centers time and ask if they could read to a puppy just makes me wanna jump for joy!  I’m one happy teacher! =)