Unusual Chocolates


I finally opened up the box of chocolates I purchased from a store in Bruges called The Chocolate Line.  They had the most unusual and unique kinds of chocolates!  I made sure I snapped a few shots of the really unique ones before my hubby and I went to town on them all.  What an epicurious adventure!  I gotta say, I really liked the bacon chocolate.  It had crispy little bacon bits in it – savoury yet sweet.  I know, its really hard to imagine it would taste good but I was surprised myself.  My second favourite was the cola one (unfortunately I ate it before I took a photo of it).  It literally fizzes in your mouth like you’re drinking pop.  Loved it!  The chocolate that came in third place was the apple.  It had caramel with apple balsamic vinegar and a praline with granny smith green apple.  I know it sounds like a mouth full but something about the tartness from the granny smith apple really balanced the sweetness of the caramel.  By the way, the last picture is to show you what a wonderful hubby I have.  He insisted that I should have the first bite to all the chocolates.  Wait a minute….or was that his way of avoiding a yucky tasting one? Hmmm….

Chocoholic in Brussels and Bruges



My friend snapped this picture of me while I was choosing my box of chocolates.  I think it definitely captured the joy of chocolate shopping on my face.



This was such a cool way to have hot chocolate.  We basically put the chocolate tulip that is filled with Belgian chocolate shavings into the hot steamed milk and stir.  Soooo good!


You can’t leave Belgian without having Belgian & Liege waffles!!  To say that these were drizzled with chocolate is an understatement.  *drooool*

Calling all chocoholics! Belgium is where it is at!  We were definitely on a chocolate high when we visited Brussels and Bruges.  Oh my gosh, you name it, they had it.  I don’t even think we had a proper lunch or dinner that day.  It was just chocolate shopping (and tasting) wherever we went.  The chocolatiers were super nice there.  Most of the stores offer you samples…and I don’t mean chocolate chopped up into tiny little pieces for you to sample.  I mean they offer you the whole thing!  I believe in one store we tried about 7 to 8 different kinds of chocolate.  Oh yeah, did I tell you there is no such thing as calories in Belgium (or Europe in general).  I mean, the walking makes up for it all, right? 😉