Inspired by Claes Oldenburg

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I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy cravings kicking in or the fact that we just learned about taste buds in our human body unit in class, but burgers were definitely on my mind.  It’s no wonder I decided to introduce Claes Oldenburg’s famous art work to the students in my class…especially, his famous floor burger.  Hence, the making of our big and juicy burger pop art began!  =)  The kids absolutely loved building their gigantic burgers and were super creative with what they wanted to add to it.  They suggested different kinds of cheese (swiss, cheddar, provolone), vegetables and even sauces like mayonnaise and triple o’ sauce (you’d know what that is if you’ve ever been to white spot).  I think my little hamburger helpers did a fantastic job, don’t you?  Thanks for reading. =)

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  My students were definitely on a sugar high by the end of the day…but aren’t we all on Valentine’s day?  It’s the day where roses are ubiquitous, food become heart-shaped and chocolate calories are non-existent.  Sounds pretty good to me!  My hubby and I actually like to spend Valentine’s day with our family, especially those who may not have someone special to spend it with.  We take them out to a nice dinner and really, just have a great time.  After all, isn’t my hubby supposed to love me everyday of the year, not just Valentine’s day?  Hence, we started this tradition a while back and continue to do so today.  What are your plans on Valentine’s day?  P.S. A bottle of champs and a deep dish pizza sounds just as good to me as a fancy schmancy dinner out. 😉

Frankly, Wishing You a Happy Halloween!

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This year for Halloween I wanted to make something cute and delicious for my students.  When I saw this project, I immediately adapted it to make some for my own class.   It’s essentially the classic rice krispies recipe but you add green food coloring into the marshmallow mixture before adding the rice krispies!  =)  Depending on what size you’d like your squares to be, there are different sizes of clear gift bags that can be found at Walmart, Dollar Stores, and Michaels.  Wishing you a safe and Happy Halloween!!


Do you have a Halloween inspired recipe to share?