Lime & Chili Avocado Salad on Bagel


I’ve always had a love affair with avocados for as long as I can remember.  I’m one of those girls who cuts the avocados in half and eats the whole thing with a spoon. 😉  It wasn’t until I saw my friend from work, Paola, mashing up her avocado and seasoning it with some salt and pepper only to devour it on a lightly toasted buttered bagel that prompted me to jazz up my boring half cut avocado.  Hence, after browsing on pinterest, this lime and chili flake avocado salad on a bagel recipe was born. 😉  It’s the easiest thing you will ever make…here’s what you do:

Step One:  Cut your bagel in half and toast it to perfection

Step Two:  Cut your avocado, take the seed out, and mash with a fork

Step Three:  Season the avocado mash with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lime

Step Four:  Butter your bagel, spread the yummy avocado mash on your bagel and sprinkle it with some red chili pepper flakes.

Step Five:  Go nom nom nom


Chocolate Earl Grey Tart


My fellow sugarholic cousin-in-law, Laura, came over for a baking date this week.  We originally set our hearts on making macarons however, our babies decided they wanted our undivided attention for those two hours we were baking.  Not surprisingly, the macarons did not turn out.  Not to fear though, the macarons were repurposed into butter tarts and the earl grey chocolate ganache went into each mold creating decadent and delicious tarts.  Thank goodness for the professional pastry chef I had in my kitchen that day! 😉  Here’s a similar recipe if you’d like to give it a go.  Take my word for it though…it was absolutely divine!! mmm!



Virgin Watermelon Mojito


A couple days back my girlfriends and I went to a gorgeous rooftop lounge and enjoyed a delicious dinner.  The one thing that really stood out was the watermelon mojito (virgin ofcourse) that I tried.  It was so refreshing and just what I needed on a hot summer night.  It’s not surprising that I was craving another one the moment I got home.  Following this recipe I found on pinterest, I was able to recreate the same invigorating concoction that I had that night and now enjoy it in the comfort of my own home. 😉  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. =)


Small Seedless Watermelon
1 liter Lemon Lime Soda
12 oz Concentrated Limeade
3-5 fresh Mint leaves

Juice 1/2 watermelon (24 oz) in a juicer, remove rind before juicing.
Add limeade concentrate and soda.
Mix well until concentrate is dissolved.
Add mint leaves and let chill for at least 1 hr. (24 hours is even better)