Looking Back – 40 Weeks


What an adventure its been!  I’ve had so much fun styling this bump and now I’m even more excited to style ‘her’ too! I’ve been asked what three items I could not live without during pregnancy…here they are:

1) Pregnancy leggings!  Oh my gosh, they were the most comfortable thing ever!  Totally kept me warm during the winter months!

2) Maternity jeans – absolutely necessary and totally worth the investment for a good pair.

3) Long tank tops – covers the belly and opens the doors to so many things to wear in your closet such as cardigans, blazers and vests.

4) Maxi dress – A definite must if you are very pregnant in the summer (which i was!)  At that point, all I wanted to wear were one pieces and just pop on some accessories to top off the look!

5) Flats – Or any comfortable pair of shoes that will go with a lot of things.  I wore my nude sandals a lot in the summer time.  It’s neutral color made it easy to match anything!

Okay, so that wasn’t three…but I wanted to share as much as I could to help ya new mamas and future new mamas out there!

Thanks for reading! xoxo


Butterflies & Bows

DSC04270 DSC04271 DSC04278 DSC04280 DSC04285 DSC04289

Although it has been super fun dressing up my baby bump in the last few months I’m super excited to jump back into my closet for some of the clothes I couldn’t wear when I was preggo!  Don’t let your eyes deceive you, this is actually a one piece.  The best part of this cute dress (besides the fun print and the adorable bows on the back) is that it has pockets AND the top is super stretchy so it’s convenient for breastfeeding.  😉  I loved versatile components to outfits before I became a mommy but now I love and appreciate it even more!  =)  p.s. My hubby calls this the popcorn dress as he says the print reminds him of it.  lol.

New Bundle of Joy

DSC0401010475338_10152658166132899_1535501046014982635_nunnamed (2)

Hello!!  My apologies for the mini hiatus…but I’m back!  What an adventure it has been in the last few weeks!  I can’t believe my baby girl has arrived and is seriously the sweetest and cutest little peanut I’ve ever seen.  I can’t even imagine life before her (I know, so cliche…but soooo true!)  I just want to say thank you to all my friends and family for all your support throughout this pregnancy.  Your compliments, advice and support really made the last nine months fly by so quickly.  It was so much fun carrying this little bun around.  Speaking of little…my baby girl was definitely not a small baby.  She came out one ounce short of 8 lbs!  I ended up having a caesarian as she was breech up until close to the due date.   Everyone in the operating room was so surprised that my little belly carried such a BIG bundle of joy! lol.  We are so in love with her!  My hubby and I feel so blessed to have her in our lives.


Thanks for reading!  xoxo!