Celebrity Style Crush: Jessica Alba

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I still remember watching Jessica on the TV series Dark Angel back in 2000 and thinking this girl is going to make it big one day.  I even had the pleasure of meeting her in person when she came to Eaton’s in Vancouver for some shopping with her (ex) fiance at the time.  Fast forward thirteen years later, I’d say she’s doing pretty well.  😉  With a company on her hand, a mother of two daughters and a full time acting career, I’d say she’s a pretty busy lady.  Jessica is without a doubt an eye-stopper on the red carpet but it’s her chic street style that I admire most about her.  The way she is able to put together comfy yet chic outfits while juggling two kids and a million other things is beyond my comprehension.  You’re pretty amaze balls Jessica. 😉

One thought on “Celebrity Style Crush: Jessica Alba

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica back in March at a health Expo. She just walked by and said hi to me. But it was cool to see her in person. She really is pretty in person. Some celebs don’t look as good in person.lol

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