I see polka dots

Polka Dot DressIMG_8301IMG_8366IMG_8355IMG_8362IMG_8364
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It was our cousin’s wedding this weekend and what a view it was!  This beautiful view came at a price of a very long drive but it was well worth it.  They’re both super adventurous and are very passionate about food! Hence, having it at a garden amidst a huge strawberry and corn field seemed appropriate for the special occasion.  People always ask me what to wear to weddings.  I always say to do your research before you go.  Is it outdoor? (think hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, water) indoor? (go ahead and wear those shoes you always want to wear but was afraid of getting them dirty) Is there dancing? (opt for flowy fabrics opposed to tight so it doesn’t end up riding up your legs – no one wants to pull a Britney at the end of the night and see it on facebook the next day).  I always like to go for something comfortable and subtle yet chic.  I think this polka dot dress does just that.  The fabric is lightweight and the soft muted color is perfect for the occasion.  The hat was a last minute purchase to act as SPF. I just love it when something is versatile and stylish at the same time. =)


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