Epicurean Delights from Spain

Spain definitely had the best food.  I loved the tapas scene and the fact that you get to try a little bit of everything.  Plus, everything was super reasonable too.  I enjoyed every morsel of it.  Here are some photos I took of the delectable meals I had in Spain.

IMG_0604IMG_0602  IMG_0601 IMG_0490 IMG_0387 600086_10151058330032899_1455541172_n 599859_10151058327102899_1437535038_n 599734_10151058325857899_813771022_n 599708_10151058329817899_1378946889_n 599622_10151058340952899_1369604025_n 580797_10151058326202899_1330371484_n 576075_10151058344682899_961785043_n 561171_10151058344717899_1061848895_n 557527_10151058342947899_625117096_n 557487_10151058329487899_1058463727_n 556464_10151058344822899_1105308288_n 555543_10151058327142899_1265117290_n 531486_10151058336732899_1005920630_n 529424_10151058329932899_1225805790_n 523834_10151058340927899_2027975209_n 486317_10151058341067899_1092250022_n 484124_10151058325927899_1541750218_n 482106_10151058329452899_1999045568_n 480963_10151058345097899_444224831_n 422328_10151058336572899_1173798520_n 422265_10151058341212899_1085826064_n 399384_10151058329562899_1524523817_n 396875_10151058336882899_672594516_n 396852_10151058323487899_1571480197_n  309305_10151058341132899_978880454_n 293707_10151058341007899_1691790307_n 255215_10151058336852899_1901357184_n 205294_10151058340872899_652906322_n 179912_10151058336787899_1616425845_n 165831_10151058326987899_308546583_n IMG_0944 IMG_0920 IMG_0917 IMG_0913 IMG_0911 IMG_0782 IMG_0774 IMG_0683  309494_10151058325717899_719678392_n

Okay, I officially want to go back now.  All my food pictures are making me sooooo hungry!!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Have a nice weekend. 😉

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