Early Birthday Dinner Out

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20130629_210632 (1)I loved every minute of tonight.  My awesome girlfriends took me out to Cactus Club (the one in Coal Harbour) for a picturesque early birthday celebration.  The view, the food, the company, the ambiance…it was perfecto.  Definitely coming back soon. 😉

10 Outfits and a Pair of Sandals

I have been asked many times by my friends and family how many suitcases I bring when I go to Europe.  Answer: just one! I guess over the years I’ve become a better packer.  On my recent trip to Spain, I brought a pair of nude sandals that were dressy enough for dresses but casual enough for pants as well.  Its always hard to bring shoes on a trip.  They have to be worth the space they take up in your luggage… 😉 haha.  Here are 10 outfits I put together with a single pair of sandals.  I hope this helps you with your summer vacay packing as well. 😉

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Monkey Theme – Banana Muffins

55b10dc6ce5911e2974122000a9e2969_7During our Monkey Unit we made mini banana muffins as a class.  The students sat at their desks while I performed a simple version of a baking show up in the front of the class.  The students all had a chance to come up individually to be a part of the mashing of the bananas.  That was certainly their favourite part, aside from getting to go into the staff room as a class and watching me put the muffins in the oven.  Oh, how easily content they are at this age.  😉